Virtual Machine Hosting

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In the on-line hosting industry the term virtual private server hosting has become popular. The technology is nothing new, since the notion has existed since around the 1980’s, developed by the big computing organisations at the time on the Unix platform (DEC, IBM, etc.). Virtual server software (also called VDS software), is actually a technology [...]

Domain Name Regisatration Services

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In order for the internet to work, domains are essential. With out using domain name your website cannot be found easily. The domain name is a human friendly way of finding out server IP addresses using a system called Domain Name System (DNS). A hostname or fully qualified domain name (FQDN), identifies a specific device [...]

Ubuntu Painless Television Is Here

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Canonical is going to be pitching a TV-of-the-future invention maximising their touch-based Linux distro and Ubuntu cloud. The Ubuntu shop used the spotlight in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) during Monday so as to preview Ubuntu Television, a project percolating inside of Canonical that earned a burst of publicity late not too long ago from [...]

Apple Siri Swears At Toddler

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The mother of a 10-year-old youngster from Coventry has been expressing her shock following having a demo unit of Apple’s iPhone 4S swear at her boy. Apple Siri Kim Le Quesne informed the Coventry Telegraph that the woman’s youngster Charlie had been out shopping together with his dad inside a local branch of Tesco, discovered [...]

Installing Linux Server System Modules From The Command Line

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The task of adding Linux kernel modules is a vital job for any Linux server system administrator. This post will provide you with a foundation in understanding the principles and tools involved. The official terminology is “loadable kernel modules”; however they are often referred to as simply “kernel modules” or “modules”. Modular Kernel OS On [...]